Thursday, April 3, 2014


So... we (son, daughter, me) were living our lives quite happily enough. Had one dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bindi, and two rescue cats, Mufasa and Tuscany. LIfe was full. Then, while looking on rescue sites for a friend who was interested in adopting, saw a photo of a little Yorkie with a pink cast on his leg... and couldn't resist reading his story.

Captain Jack Sparrow was a four month old purebred Yorkshire Terrier who had unfortunately fallen down a flight of steps and broken his front leg. It was apparent that his leg could not be saved and amputation was planned. I showed my 11 year old daughter the story, so she could say a prayer for the little guy. She had plans other than praying.

A week after his surgery, we went to NJ to meet him. A week later, he joined our family, newly named Tucker.

We forget what life was like pre-Tucker. We love what life is like post-Tucker.

It took a little time for him to get up/down steps. It did not take him any time to bond. I think he might actually have a fourth leg, and her name is Bindi. They are inseperable.

Tucker loves to go on walks, chase the cats next door, snuggle on the couch, and sit for treats. Tucker does not like to... wait. Um. Can't think of anything he doesn't like! He is just the most joyful dog I've ever met and he does not know he only has three legs, so please don't tell him.

I thank Cares4Pets for allowing Captain Jack Sparrow/Tucker to join our family! Bindi is especially grateful!

Sincerely, Liz Walsh

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