Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It will be one year tomorrow that Rio came to live with me in his "forever" home. He is a wonderful pup and a great addition to my family. He is very loving and makes people smile wherever he goes. I am thankful to have found him, he makes my life complete.

Staci & Rio
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Monday, December 29, 2014


Thanks to Cares4Pets, Dante has lived with us for six years as of this coming January. We cannot begin to express in words how much we love him. He is loyal, intelligent, loving and fun! He is getting up there in years, and he now sees a chiropractor regularly but is still enjoying life here to the max. Without the intervention of Cares4pets, who knows how his story would have ended. But because of you, it is truly a happy ending for him and for us!
You are amazing!
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Porter: Part of the Family

We adopted Porter around 6 years ago and he has become so much a part of our family, that it is hard to remember when he wasn't ours. When he first came to us, he was very nervous and shy. He still has bouts of nervousness, but he is also a very fierce barker when new people come to the house, the mailman delivers the mail, or a Fedex truck even drives down the street. We know that he is just asserting his newfound confidence and protectiveness, though, so we are usually glad!
We can't thank Cares4Pets enough for all the hard work they do, and the way they helped us make Porter's transition to our home go smoothly.
Thanks Cares4Pets for bringing Porter into our lives!