Monday, April 22, 2013

Help Support Cares4Pets, plus a happy story

Happy spring from Carter (left) and Bodhi (right).  You may remember Carter from earlier postings, he had demodectic mange and is all better now, he's been doing great in his home with his buddy Bodhi and his human family too, we wanted to share their story with all of you:
Nick and Kristin first were introduced to Care4pets when they lived in Delaware County. The interview process was not just with Nick and Kristin but their ferrets too. Through careful and chaperoned introductions, the ferrets and Bodhi found new friendships and Bodhi became part of the family. The bonds between human, canine, and mustalid continued to grow.  Nick and Kristin quickly learned that Bodhi loved children. His gentle way and love for the ice cream truck made him quick friends in the neighborhood.

Soon after Bodhi’s adoption, they found out they were having a baby. Bodhi was amazing during pregnancy and post pregnancy.  He is an amazing protector, cuddler, playmate, and is part of the cleanup crew. He received his “doctorate” when he used his senses and disposition to alert Kristin that they were expecting their second child.
Once they moved from Chester County, Care4pets received another request to adopt and Carter was added to their family. Carter adds a different dimension to the family, as he is now the youngest member. Carter’s playful personality and energetic spirit keeps the family rocking. Bodhi now has become teacher and sometimes disciplinarian.
Both Bodhi and Carter, receive natural enrichment from the natural scents and sounds of the country land and sky they call home. They both enjoy the snow, playing fetch, and taking rides into town.  They not only play with each other, but play bubbles, ball, and dress up with the kids. They are always on the lookout for a change in their environment- birds overhead, skunk visits, hopping frogs, and visits from the neighborhood cats. Bodhi loves a party and Carter prefers movie night but they both love spending time with their family. 
The family has organized a fundraiser for Cares4Pets to help support our rescue efforts - a portion of the proceeds of Kristin's Avon sale will be donated to us!  Please participate - it's great chance to get gifts for mother's day or nice things for yourself for spring!