Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I am in love with this puppy, but because I will be moving out of the area from my parents home, the shelter will not allow me to adopt her. She is just what I am looking for and am very disappointed. I will have to continue my search, although this puppy has stolen my heart. I thought finding puppies good homes was the goal.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


When we our elderly cat, Chunky, died, we thought we would wait a little while before looking for another cat to add to our home. But the house soon felt very empty and we reached out to Cares4Pets to let them know that we were looking. Shanna quickly suggested that we might like Jezebel, a young cat with a lot of attitude (and not much common sense). We were filled in on her medical condition - Jezebel was born without her eyelids properly formed (eyelid agenesis) and had them surgically fixed. She sounded like the perfect fit!

Jezzie has been with us since May of 2011 and is the clown of the house. She constantly is getting into trouble, terrorizing our dogs, and wrestling with our other cat. Her vision is not great - sometimes new items on the floor surprise her and she is not the best judge of distances - but she gets on just fine. We love having her in our family - she makes us laugh every day!
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monty is King

We adopted Monty 4 years ago. He has been guarding our cul de sac daily from his perch on the ottoman by our front window. He makes sure no unwanted mail carriers or delivery people come into the area without warning us of possible danger. Additionally, he makes sure our bed stays nice and warm when we're away, because he sleeps in the middle of it while we're gone. He also makes sure we don't work too hard by snuggling up in our laps when we're reading or on the computer. Finally, no tidbit of food goes wasted while Monty is around. He's an all-around hard working little guy.


So... we (son, daughter, me) were living our lives quite happily enough. Had one dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bindi, and two rescue cats, Mufasa and Tuscany. LIfe was full. Then, while looking on rescue sites for a friend who was interested in adopting, saw a photo of a little Yorkie with a pink cast on his leg... and couldn't resist reading his story.

Captain Jack Sparrow was a four month old purebred Yorkshire Terrier who had unfortunately fallen down a flight of steps and broken his front leg. It was apparent that his leg could not be saved and amputation was planned. I showed my 11 year old daughter the story, so she could say a prayer for the little guy. She had plans other than praying.

A week after his surgery, we went to NJ to meet him. A week later, he joined our family, newly named Tucker.

We forget what life was like pre-Tucker. We love what life is like post-Tucker.

It took a little time for him to get up/down steps. It did not take him any time to bond. I think he might actually have a fourth leg, and her name is Bindi. They are inseperable.

Tucker loves to go on walks, chase the cats next door, snuggle on the couch, and sit for treats. Tucker does not like to... wait. Um. Can't think of anything he doesn't like! He is just the most joyful dog I've ever met and he does not know he only has three legs, so please don't tell him.

I thank Cares4Pets for allowing Captain Jack Sparrow/Tucker to join our family! Bindi is especially grateful!

Sincerely, Liz Walsh

Monday, April 22, 2013

Help Support Cares4Pets, plus a happy story

Happy spring from Carter (left) and Bodhi (right).  You may remember Carter from earlier postings, he had demodectic mange and is all better now, he's been doing great in his home with his buddy Bodhi and his human family too, we wanted to share their story with all of you:
Nick and Kristin first were introduced to Care4pets when they lived in Delaware County. The interview process was not just with Nick and Kristin but their ferrets too. Through careful and chaperoned introductions, the ferrets and Bodhi found new friendships and Bodhi became part of the family. The bonds between human, canine, and mustalid continued to grow.  Nick and Kristin quickly learned that Bodhi loved children. His gentle way and love for the ice cream truck made him quick friends in the neighborhood.

Soon after Bodhi’s adoption, they found out they were having a baby. Bodhi was amazing during pregnancy and post pregnancy.  He is an amazing protector, cuddler, playmate, and is part of the cleanup crew. He received his “doctorate” when he used his senses and disposition to alert Kristin that they were expecting their second child.
Once they moved from Chester County, Care4pets received another request to adopt and Carter was added to their family. Carter adds a different dimension to the family, as he is now the youngest member. Carter’s playful personality and energetic spirit keeps the family rocking. Bodhi now has become teacher and sometimes disciplinarian.
Both Bodhi and Carter, receive natural enrichment from the natural scents and sounds of the country land and sky they call home. They both enjoy the snow, playing fetch, and taking rides into town.  They not only play with each other, but play bubbles, ball, and dress up with the kids. They are always on the lookout for a change in their environment- birds overhead, skunk visits, hopping frogs, and visits from the neighborhood cats. Bodhi loves a party and Carter prefers movie night but they both love spending time with their family. 
The family has organized a fundraiser for Cares4Pets to help support our rescue efforts - a portion of the proceeds of Kristin's Avon sale will be donated to us!  Please participate - it's great chance to get gifts for mother's day or nice things for yourself for spring!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi Cares4pets,

Here is Brody, aka Brownie, that I adopted in February 2010. He has changed quite a bit since then. He is the unofficial mayor of Phoenixville! Everyone stops us and tells him how handsome he is : ). I try not to let it all go to his head, but he is the sweetest dog and deserves all the love and attention he receives. Thank you for all the great work you do.

Mink MacArthur