Sunday, April 6, 2014


When we our elderly cat, Chunky, died, we thought we would wait a little while before looking for another cat to add to our home. But the house soon felt very empty and we reached out to Cares4Pets to let them know that we were looking. Shanna quickly suggested that we might like Jezebel, a young cat with a lot of attitude (and not much common sense). We were filled in on her medical condition - Jezebel was born without her eyelids properly formed (eyelid agenesis) and had them surgically fixed. She sounded like the perfect fit!

Jezzie has been with us since May of 2011 and is the clown of the house. She constantly is getting into trouble, terrorizing our dogs, and wrestling with our other cat. Her vision is not great - sometimes new items on the floor surprise her and she is not the best judge of distances - but she gets on just fine. We love having her in our family - she makes us laugh every day!
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