Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saving Park Dogs and Cats: A Collaboration with Stray Animal Rescue

As rescuers with small budgets, limited resources, and huge hearts, we are always looking to find the most efficient way to save more animals. One of the key ways of doing this is by building connections with other rescue groups and rescuers to share expertise and knowledge.

Over a year ago, Buzzy (from Buzzy's Bow Wow Meow in Narberth PA) introduced us to Janice Strawder, who runs "Stray Animal Rescue". Janice is committed to helping out the stray dogs and cats that live in the parks surrounding Philadelphia. Many of these animals may have been dumped in the parks by owners that no longer wanted them, or just ended up there as they traveled in search of food and shelter. Janice spends her time feeding and trapping these animals to get them off the streets (and out of the park!).

Since meeting Janice, we've collaborated on a number of projects, and together have saved and placed quite a few wonderful animals. Next weekend (October 17th) we're having a fundraising event with "Stray Animal Rescue", and in celebration of our work together, we wanted to highlight some of the special animals we've saved, together.

Because our skill sets are so very different (Janice specializes in finding, befriending, and trapping stray animals while we are especially good at treating medical needs and finding animals homes), the collaboration works well. Over the past year, we've placed four park animals with Janice's support; Vivian (a momma cat), Leon (now Monty), Teddy, and Stewart. We're currently doing our best to place two more; Pablo (in one of our foster homes) and Amy (being fostered by Janice). We also have done our best to provide medical care when we can; Itsy, a kitty with a broken leg, was fixed by our vet and has now been adopted by Janice. But we also often call on Janice's expertise as well. A few months ago, when we were contacted about a dog tied in Fairmount Park (Brooke), Janice graciously joined us to help get this dog out of the park. Brooke is now in her forever home.

We are excited to keep building our relationship with "Stray Animal Rescue" and can't wait to join Janice on October 17th from 2-6 pm at the Dawson Street Pub in Manayunk for a wonderful fundraising event to benefit the animals that we both love to save! We hope that you will be able to join us for this event. More event details can be found at: and you can RSVP on the Facebook event page at:!/event.php?eid=126567697395889. We hope to see you there!