Saturday, October 24, 2009

Henry Needs a Foster Home, STAT!!

Hello. My name is Matt and I’m a Cares4Pets volunteer. Last week, my wife and I found a young dog. Natalie from Cares4Pets encouraged us to write a blog post to help find him a home.We saw Henry trotting on the grassy area on the side of the road and pulled over. His emaciation was horrifying. That he could move so well was surprising. He was shivering, both from the cold and fear. It was clear that he wouldn’t have made it much longer against the elements. I rode with him in the back seat of the car, holding him until we got home. Amanda cleaned off his beautiful brindle coat and dried him. Henry was still obviously shaken up. We’ve been mostly keeping him in the travel kennel we had been using for Emerson, our foster dog. At first Henry would not relax, keeping his eyes open the whole time he was in the kennel. But after a while he closed his eyes and got some much needed rest. He’s improving continuously in our small apartment, but with two very playful and energetic pit bulls, he doesn’t get the stress-free environment or attention he really needs. He really wants to be out of the crate much more often than we can work out at this point. Three dogs in a small space is creating a strain on everyone, and we REALLY need to find a better suited place for this little guy to go.Henry is about a year old and fairly small; he’ll probably only be about 30-35 pounds when he reaches his proper weight. His interaction with dogs and cats has been very limited, but shows promise in his socializing abilities. Henry has a playful personality. With a few sweet words and gentle pats, he’ll give you kisses while playing with a tennis ball on your lap. He’s already crate trained and possibly even house trained, evidence that he’s a quick learner. He also walks wonderfully on a leash.Henry needs a foster home in which he can recuperate without the stress of other dogs. Cares4Pets will cover all costs related to his foster care including food and veterinary care. He’ll be a wonderful companion for anyone gracious enough to care for him. If you have room in your home to foster this sweet dog worthy of a fresh start, please contact Cares4Pets at cares4pets “at” hotmail "dot" com.

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